Animal shelter takes in German

German Shepherd Animal Shelter

Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue is a no-kill, all volunteer organization whose members are passionate about German Shepherd Dogs. Our efforts are focused on helping these GSDs who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in high kill shelters or otherwise homeless, lost, neglected or abandoned by humans they loved.

To Adopt Or Provide A Temporary Foster Home the first step is completing an application, either to adopt or to foster. Everyone must do so before an appointment is made to meet the dogs. We need both forever homes and temporary foster homes! Fencing is required.

Our Goals:

  • Foster Homes always needed - If you have the time and the love to spare. To adopt companion animals into loving forever homes.
  • The establishment & coordination of a network of foster homes to ensure comfort & assistance to all German Shepherd Dogs in need.
  • Evaluation of temperament to ensure that each dog is well suited to his or her new adoptive family.
  • Reinforce basic training, socialization and house manners.
  • Provide needed medical care and all appropriate vaccinations are provided for all adoptable dogs, including spay and neuter.
  • Encourage responsible action to reunite lost pets with their owners.
  • Strengthen the human/animal bond with the recommendation of obedience training and behavioral advice that focuses on the needs of both people and animals.
  • Promote education about responsible pet ownership, including the spaying & neutering of pets, and the humane & respectful treatment of all animals.

When Each Dog Leaves Our Care it is our goal that they go to a home where they are loved as a member of the family, a home where they will be well cared for and where they will receive the proper mental and physical exercise as well as the daily interaction and affection that they need.

Did You Know? Basic obedience training is a large part of welcoming your new rescue dog into your family. Training of any sort strengthens and reinforces communication skills between you, forming a very special relationship that will last a lifetime. Our adoptive families are strongly encouraged to pursue basic training and then continue in activities such as agility, competition obedience, rally, or flyball among other available dog sports.

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