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The German shepherd dog has an outline of smooth curves on a body that is longer than it is tall. It is strong, agile and substantial. Its gait is exceptionally outreaching and elastic, covering the ground in great strides. It has a double coat, with the outer coat consisting of dense, straight or slightly wavy, harsh, close lying hair of medium length.

Among the most intelligent of breeds, the German shepherd dog is so intent on its mission — whatever that may be — that it is virtually unsurpassed in working versatility. It is utterly devoted and faithful. Aloof and suspicious toward strangers, it is protective of its home and family. It can be domineering. It can be aggressive toward other dogs, but it is usually good with other pets.


FAMILY livestock, herding



ORIGINAL FUNCTION sheep herding, guarding, police dog

TODAY'S FUNCTION police, contraband detection, assistance, herding trials, schutzhund

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