Dogs that look like German

Dogs breeds that look like German Shepherds

A popular trend with dog owners is to find dogs that look like other animals, specifically wild animals. While some dog breeds naturally resemble other animals (the Tibetan Mastiff, for example, which has the mane of a lion) others must be groomed or dyed. As with any dog, these dog breeds each have their own characteristics and should be studied carefully before any purchase or animal adoption. An animal cannot be judged exclusively by it's fur coat!

Read on to find out which specific breeds resemble lions, leopards, tigers, pandas, raccoons, and wolves.

Tibetan mastiffs are native to Tibet, where they are known as "Do-Khyi". They can be spotted in the northern part of Nepal, India, and Bhutan. In Nepal, they are known as "Bhote Kukur". Bhote means "outsiders to Nepal that represent Tibet" and kukur means "dog".
These giant Himalayan mountain dogs have strong, broad heads and sturdy bone structure, long bodies, and heavy trunks. Their size and long coats give them the look of lion. They are fearless but loyal and protective to their family. But be careful: Tibetan Mastiffs are stubborn and won't always obey.

Breed Characteristics:

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Height: 61 -72 cm.
  • Weight: 48 - 82 kg.
  • Coat and Colour: Long, double coats in a wide variety of colours, including solid black, black and tan, and various shades of red.
  • Temperament: Strong-willed, protective, aloof, tenacious, stubborn, and intelligent.
  • Category: Working.
  • Lifespan: 10 - 14 years.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dogs are very intelligent. The name "Catahoula" is actually taken from an Indian word meaning "clear water". These dogs have strong muscles and deep chests, blue eyes, and coloured patches on their fur. These coloured patches and eyes give them the appearance of a leopard. American and Canadian farmers developed this breed by combining native American dogs, Spanish Mastiffs, and Greyhounds as hunting and guard dogs.
These athletic dogs need a fair amount of running. They are very intelligent and active and become destructive if they don't get enough exercise. In general, Catahoula are gentle and loving with children but not with other pets. They may become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs so this breed is not recommended for homes where there is already a dog or for an owner who has never owned a dog. They are good dogs, however, with masters who are steady and firm.

  • Origin: Louisiana
  • Height: 51 - 61 cm.
  • Weight: 16 - 36 kg.
  • Colour: Striking, short- to medium-length fur that may be spotted, brindled, patched or solid.
  • Temperament: Loyal, independent, protective, and territorial.
  • Category: Sporting, hunting, and herding.
  • Availability: North America, France, and Europe.
  • Lifespan: 10 - 13 years.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog is another breed of dog that look like Leopards, The Peruvian Inca Orchid has dark, round eyes that tend to squint in the sunlight due to over sensitivity, The ears have some wisps of hair, Also it can have some hair on top of the head. You can find some pups are born with hair cuts and for same litter other can be hairless., without coat or hair.

Tiger dogs are not naturally occurring. They are Golden Retrievers that are painted or dyed to look like tigers. The trend to paint dogs began in China and has since spread to the West. Dogs painted to look like tigers and panda bears are now received positively in dog shows, but still many think it’s not a good practice to paint animals and shouldn’t be encouraged.

Like the so-called Tiger Dog, Dog Pandas are also painted. White Chow Chow dogs are dyed with black paint. During a dog show in China, these dogs were the main attraction and soon after it became popular in the U.S. to paint poodles to look like other animals.

International organizations have spoken out against this practice, expressing concern over the toxicity of the dye that is used.

Bush Dogs, also called Savannah or Vinegar dogs, are very different from other breeds. Native to the Amazon basin, they are darkest when they are puppies. Adult Bush Dogs have long, soft brownish-tan fur with highlights.

Spotting a Bush Dog in the wild is difficult as they are very shy. They are top-notch swimmers and can even dive underwater. The unique combination of a shy nature and extraordinary swimming talent makes them very special.

  • Origin: Central and North America
  • Height: 55–75 cm.
  • Weight: 6-9 kg.
  • Coat and Colour: Long, brown, and tan fur with lighter reddish tinges on the head, neck, and back.
  • Temperament: Wild.
  • Category: Endangered, wild dogs.
  • Lifespan: 6-8 years.

The Bedlington Terrier is small and appears to innocent and quiet, but this breed is actually good at fighting and hunting. They are energetic dogs, good athlete, and swimmers. They love water, are very friendly, and are good with children and other pets. Bedlington Terriers have a tendency to be barkers and need to be trained not to bark irrationally.

  • Origin: Northumberland, England
  • Height: 15 - 17.5 inches.
  • Weight: 17–23 pounds (7.7–10.4 kg).
  • Coat and Colour: Curly with blue, liver, or tan colours.
  • Temperament: Loyal, playful and very friendly.
  • Category: Sporting.
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years.

Keeshonds and Wolf Sable Pomeranians are small, toy-sized dogs. Their undercoats are grey and their outer coats are a deep shade of gray and longer around the chest and neck. Their dark shaded, furry faces resemble Indian Langur monkeys.

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