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Long Haired German Shepherd DogA long coated puppy is probably the cutest thing on earth. From a Breeder point of vew the long coats are a bit of a curse because typically they can be your best puppy in the litter, but they carry the long coat recessive gene. In order for a long coat to be produced in a litter, both parents must carry the gene. This coat factor comes from the beginning of the breed where the dogs were more "Collie coated" During the progession of the breed and the development of the standard it was determined that this coat was not as weatherproof for the dogs that were working in the field herding sheep. There are varying lengths of long coats, some almost have a normal body coat, but they have tufting on the ears, genetically they are still long coats. Personally I love long coats and am never unhappy when I see them in my litter, typically they are the first to sell and the ones that are always carried around and cuddled the most.

Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Long Haired German Shepherd Dog

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