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Buying a puppy or a dog is a big decision and not one to be rushed into without the right information. From choosing a breed to making sure your pup is healthy, there is plenty to consider.

Buying a Puppy

In the modern world of the internet, there are plenty of places to find pets for sale online in the UK. And for those who want to buy puppies, it’s now easier than ever. But there are some choices to be made first before you bring a new puppy home.

For example, are you looking at pedigree puppies? Do you know what breed you want? Are you looking for Chihuahua puppies, Pugs, Jack Russells, or perhaps Labrador puppies? Or maybe crossbreeds like Cockapoos (a cross between either of the Cocker Spaniel breeds and a poodle) or Jug puppies (crossing a pure bred Jack Russell Terrier with a pure bred Pug)?

Once you’ve browsed through endless lists of pups for sale, it’s time to visit that litter of stunning puppies. You may be heading to a private seller or maybe a breeder. Either way, you want to ensure the puppies have had the right checks (more on that in a moment) and that the sale is from someone who really cares about those puppies. Puppy trafficking is big business, yet cruel and unethical. If you have any concerns about a breeder you should report those concerns to the RSPCA.

Here are some questions you could ask a breeder:

  • Did you breed the puppies and are they being kept where they were bred?
  • How many puppies were in the litter?
  • Is the mum healthy? (be sure to see the mum and check for yourself)
  • Have the puppies been wormed and flead
  • Have the puppies had their first vaccinations?
  • Have the parents been screened for any inherited problems known to that breed?
  • Have the puppies been microchipped?
  • Can I see the certificates for disease screening, Initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and microchipping?

Some people will do an online search search for ‘cheap puppies for sale under £100’ or maybe even ‘free puppies’. This is fine but just be aware that although cheap and free dogs are more likely than pups, puppies are not cheap so just be wary about why they’re so cheap and make sure you ask the right questions and ensure the sale is a genuine and ethical one.

Health Tested Puppies

As mentioned above, you want to ensure your new puppy is in good health, as well as checking the parents health. However, some breeds and their crosses can be susceptible to inherited diseases. Health screening is one way that breeders can reduce the risk of passing on pre-existing conditions, so if you buy a puppy from a health screened litter, it comes with piece of mind, although doesn’t guarantee your puppy is free from hereditary conditions.

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