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The list below provides an individual profile and pictures of each of our Lucky Dogs! You’ll find the name and email address for each Lucky Dog’s Adoption Coordinator in his or her profile by clicking on the photo or pet's name. Our volunteer Adoption Coordinators can’t wait to hear from you! They’ll be able to tell you more about the Lucky Dogs and walk you through the adoption process.

Getting started is easy! Just email a completed adoption questionnaire to the Lucky Dog Adoption Coordinator listed with the dog's profile, and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours!

If none of the Lucky Dogs listed below seem to fit what you are looking for, have no fear! We can still help - there are Lucky Dogs-to-be in shelters everywhere, and with a little information and direction from you, we can find yours! Send an email to telling us what breed, age, size, or other special requirements (like low-shedding) you are looking for and our dedicated Lucky Dog Matchmaking Team will start the search right away!

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